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Baby stool mold

Baby stool mold Baby stool mold Baby stool mold Baby stool mold
Product name : Baby stool mold
Item : xsmould-462
Details :
XS Mould good at making plastic stool mold,baby stool mold,baby chair mold.

XS Mould would like to introduce some basic ways to improve plastic stool mold quality.

1.Develope high grade alternative mold steel

Steel is a product that irreplaceable and high consumption.So improving mould steel quality and performance can bring good result of energy conservation and emission reduction.

2. Optimize part technic and structure

As a part designer,it’s request to consider part technical request and its structure should conform to mould manufacturability and feasibility.

 3.Pay attention to the mold steel choice

This is a very important way,and need to consider many factors,which including mold steel material choice,mold structure usability and safety,mold component machinability and maintainability,those should be considered very carefully  before designing.

    4.Make attention to the processing precision

This is also significant,because the processing method and precision will affect mould life as well. To guarantee mould has good initial precision,firstly we should choose high precisional tooling equipment,such as wire-cutting,EDM,CNC milling,etc.Meanwhile,we should inspect mold precision,which including mold spare parts processing precision,assembling precision.When doing the inspection,we try best to use high precision measuring instrument.

5.Intensify stool mold spare parts appearance

This can improve mold spare parts wear resistance,thus to improve mold quality preferably.

6.Proper usage and mold maintenance

It should be proper when assemble and adjust mold.If the stool mold with hot runner system, connect wire correctly.Cooling line need to reach design request.At the meantime,we need to maintain mold.We should add lubricating oil termly on mold guide pin,guide sleeve and other moving parts.

In one word, no matter mold designer or machinist or part designer,should care stool mold quality actively.With the constant technical innovation, new material application and processing technic change,those all influence stool mold quality from different extents.

We also made adult stool molds,plastic chair molds.

stool mold

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