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Pharma plastic cap molds

Pharma plastic cap molds Pharma plastic cap molds Pharma plastic cap molds Pharma plastic cap molds
Product name : Pharma plastic cap molds
Item : xsmould-464
Details :
XS Mould made many  plastic cap pharma cap molds,uncrew cap mold,tube closure mold,bottle cap mold,flip top cap mold,etc.Normally when making plastic cap mold,there are two ejector system will be used,normal ejector( force ejector) and unscrew moto ejector. We also use ejector sleeve for ejector assist for some cap molds.

pharma plastic cap molds

Plastic cap molds have very strict request on the mould steel. XS Mould only use hard steel (HRC48-52) for manufacturing cap molds,such as 2316,H13,3CR13,S136,etc. These steel all need hardening and quenching treatment to increase its hardness.

What service XS MOULD can offer for plastic cap mold
1. plastic cap design
2. plastic cap mold design
3. plastic cap prototype 
4. technical suggestion and solution
5. provide spare parts free of charge

Plastic cap molds have strict request on the machining precision. XS Mould use EDM,high-speed CNC, turning machining,wire-cut machining these tooling equipment to make sure good dimension precision performance. In this way,we can get high precision mold spare parts and mold inserts.This is helpful on the mold assembing and mold lifetime.
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