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Plastic auto part mould

Plastic auto part mould Plastic auto part mould Plastic auto part mould Plastic auto part mould
Product name : Plastic auto part mould
Item : xsmould-383
Details :

auto part mould

XS Mould Specialized in manufacturing plastic auto interior&exterior part moulds,such as auto lamp mould,spoiler mould,bumper mould,armrest mould,grille mould,etc.

How to make auto part mould design properly?
auto part mould

injection mould design

For a reasonable injection mould design,mainly reflect:

1. Quality of the molded plastic part,including appearance quality and dimension stability.

2. During mould tooling,it is convinient,quick and simple,that means,saving cost and labor.

3. It is safe and dependable when using mold

4. It can reach short cycle time and long mould life when doing injection molding.


What should we pay attention when design auto part mould
1.we should think saveral design options before design start,comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each option,then decide the best one.

2.After hand over design option,make more communication with mould staffs,to know more about processing and manufacturing. Every mould should have a course of fixed analysis experience and summarize gain and loss,thus can improve our design skills.

General process of plastic mould design

1.analyze and understand to plastic part drawing or sample

2.Know if client has request on the injection machine specification,to make sure mould size

3.Confirm cavity numbers,do the cavity layout arrangement

4.Analyze and make decision on the parting line

5.Design gate system

6.Confirm mould inserts structure and numbers

7.Design ejection and restoration system

8.Design cooling and heating system

9.Design guiding and position system

10.Choose mould standard component

11.Choose proper mould steel

12.Finish drawing the structure and cavity design,go to steel cutting job

13.Print out drawing,inspect and hand over to the manager.

Most time,as the auto parts have overlarge dimension,so it may has welding mark on the molded part. What’s the reason caused of welding mark on injection part?

what is welding mark?
auto part mould
Welding mark is becasue the front part of melt resin from different directions was cooled,but can’t fully melt at the confluence area. Welding mark also called welding line. Plastic parts with holes and insert or those with complicated structure or those with eneven wall thickness or those with overlarge structure need multi-gate feeding will occur welding line unavoidably.

How to improve welding line on the auto molded part?

1.Adjust molding factor,enhance flow rate.For example,increase resin temperature,mould temperature and injection pressure as well as injection speed.

2. Add air-release vent. Setting puller on the weldine line area is conducive to air release.

3. Do best to reduce using mold releasing agent.

4. If only influence on the part appearance,we can do some matt treatment on welding line and do some decoration.

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